I purchased a drybuddy alarm after seeing their zillion ads on the internet and was really excited.

Two weeks later when it didn't arrive I called the company and they said that they had "forgotten to ship" my product! Wow, you guys didn't forget to charge my credit card!

Anyway, when it arrived, the alarm didn't work. Dead on arrival.

Called Drybuddy and they said that their liability doesn't cover it since it was damaged in shipment. They told me to file a claim with USPS?

Utter nonsense. I have read all over that this company has been ripping people. Now I am a victim as well.

How do I get back my money? Its past 30 days and I cant dispute it on my credit card.

Monetary Loss: $130.

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Taylor, Michigan, United States #651506

This is such obvious SPAM!

A scared competitor of DryBuddy must have written this nonsense. They don't even realize or care that a reader will realize that this is competitive propaganda. The competition must be really hurting to be spending so much time saying absurd things about DryBuddy.

My experience with DryBuddy, both the product and the company, are very good. This is an exceptional product with exceptional capabilities. It was so easy for both me and my son after using DryBuddy. MUCH better than the Malem that I first obtained. A friend of mine who was frustrated with Chummie, also got a DryBuddy after she saw how well my DryBuddy worked. :)

I found www.bed-wettingalarms.com which gives a very detailed and factual information about all bedwetting alarms. It is obvious that DryBuddy is by far the best, and why competitors are throwing fits and abuse!

Nemesis of Liars

Desperation nourishes stupidity, and stupidity breed desperation. A devastating cycle that is so evident in the nonsensical blathering of bedwettingstore.com shills, of which the main item at the top is a typical example.

Ninny Catcher

Another display of galloping absurdity, ignorance, and wacky duplicity from the ninnies at bedwettingstore.com. Giddyup!


Don't you people at bedwettingstore.com realize how obvious your "shill" reviews are? A reader would have to be at your very low intelligence level not to realize that this review/complaint is a fake! Your lies are so obvious! The only true statement is that you will not get a refund, as there is no purchase or any valid matter to refund!

1. Wrong shipper.

2. You have to be a real blank-head to have waited 30 days if you had a genuine complaint.

3. You must be a blank-head x2 not to know that most credit cards will accept complaints for 3 months after the transaction.

4. Claims about calling the company 2 weeks after ordering and the company said they had "forgotten to ship" is as phony as you are. Plaese provide the Invoice/Order # here and you'll probably get a detailed response (which would surely show you to be totally phony).

5. You are obviously associated with the bedwettingstore.com . If your boss is still supporting these obviously nonsensical postings, he is continuing to not only shoot himself in the foot, but is also potentially cutting his own throat.

You bedwettingstore.com people are shameless, and there is little doubt that this is going to come back to haunt you (and your unethical boss).

This is good stuff to keep a record of!

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