After a terrible experience with DryBuddyEZ Bedwetting Alarm I got the Chummie Elite which worked great!

I got suckered by Enuresis Solutions into buying their DrybuddyEZ Bedwetting Alarm :(. Cheap Chinese Junk with its *** trumpet sound. It was as though the alarm *** at night.

DryBuddyEZ Bedwetting Alarm refused to work. Enuresis Solutionsdid not want to do anything with it either. I should have known better when I could not see any hard specs. On eBay DryBuddy sayssaid

"Fastest Selling bedwetting Alarm on Ebay"

B.S. My child would not get up. And DryBuddyEZ gives no details on how successful the bedwetting alarm is. And I could go on and on and on...!!!

Morons at DrybuddyEZ have created a website where they have deceitfully compared bedwetting alarms. I got suckered into buying the DrybuddyEZ bedwettnig alarm - What a fool I was. For their alarm there is no supporting evidence that it works. And looking at all of the alarms, i should have realized that the DryBuddyEZ Bedwetting Alarm at $34.99 has problems and will not work. Maybe Enuresis Solutions should call it DryBuddyEZ Rip-odd Bedwetting Alarm! That's how I felt.

Chummie has done everything claimed and was so easy to use. And I had a quick solution to a difficule problem (sorry, suckers, not customers).

So don't let the DryBuddyEZ Bedwetting Alarm B.S. you and sucked yoyu against Chummie and make a sucker out of you. If you had the misfortune to read it, you just know how crazy DryBuddy and Enuresis Solutions can get.

Get a Chummie. Proven results with thousands of alarms sold. And affordable on you and on your wallet! I am very pleased with Chummie. Stay away from anything DrybuddyEZ :-(

Product or Service Mentioned: Drybuddy Bedwetting Alarm.

Monetary Loss: $35.

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An entry by the crooked owner of Chummie. He has been bad-mouthing competitors for ever! Read bedwettingalarmsdeceitcatcher.blogspot.com for extensive details on this crooked person and his unethical and illegal ways.


This post and language are very much what a very crooked competitor has been using to bad mouth Drybuddy. Very Shameful.

Savannah, Georgia, United States #857120

Drybuddy is a thug and thief. All they do is wine and complain when customers but other products.

Low life miserable scums.....

Drybuddy = Deceit Catcher = Semi-retarded ***

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