Brinklow, Maryland

As a parent, here’s my contribution to the so called bed wetting alarm designed by Dry Buddy. It’s called DRY BUDDY EZ.

The piece I ordered had leaked batteries. Instead of changing the unit the company told me to use a bounty and clean the mess it was I.Well can’t let 40 bucks go down the drain so I cleaned the mess and started the toy.

The Dry Buddy EZ Bedwetting Alarm altogether is erratic in its response. It could buzz when your child is dry and at other times not buzz at all on a wet bed. The alarm is still in its BETA and Dry Buddy shouldn’t have released the ‘Dry Buddy EZ’ alarm without adequate testing.

The alarm sounds are horrible and the plastic is thin and cheap. They have compromised on quality and in-effect designed an alarm which is junk.

DRY BUDDY I need a product that works NOT A TOY that I have to buy and throw in garbage. This product is a total waste of my money.

I’m trying my bets with the Malem Royal Blue, the 120 bucks spent here is so worth it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Drybuddy Bedwetting Alarm.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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Newington, Virginia, United States #833946

This review is fake placed her by my ex-husband to drive out his competition.

Charlottesville, Virginia, United States #651513

The DryBuddyEZ is the best and most affordable alarm that I know of. I got it for my son, who has been having a wetting problem all of his life.

I could not afford any of the other alarms on the market, and when I saw everything that the DryBuddy could do for only $29.99, I decided to purchase it. And it has truly been a blessing for our family. It works well, and my son has no trouble with using it on his own. I had to help him and show how to use the DryBuddyEZ for the first 3 days.

After that, I only got up when I heard the alarm to make sure that my son got up and cleaned everything and sets up the alarm properly and again goes to sleep. Within a month he was dry!. This is wonderful, and has changed our lives for the better.

I read the complaint from the original writer.

This person is a very poor inventor of ideas, and has written an obviously false testimonial. Shame on you!

Nashville, Tennessee, United States #642869

I am amazed that anyone could write such an obviously false review. This person obviously believes that readers are as foolish as he or she is. Giving a totally goofy review dated before he or she could even have bought and received the DryBuddyEZ!

I have had it for months, and can state that everything above is just plain wrong. It is well constructed and very reliable. The original sensor clip is a little loose, but I did not have trouble with it. I am also told that a new sensor which clips on tightly will be available to all original purchases of the DryBuddyEZ. The attachment mechanisms are great and very flexible.

And at just $29.99 it is without question a great bedwetting alarm!

I am sure that the main review which speaks nonsense about the DryBuddyEZ comes from a competitor who wants to badmouth this highly competitive product. Why else would make such ridiculous statements?

Trenton, New Jersey, United States #636220

11 Chummie shills found this Chummie spam useful. Speaks volumes about Chummie's poor ethics and morals. Only a Chummie shill would write or believe such nonsense.

Santa Clara, California, United States #631651

IEEE Member is right. withbestregards is a Chummie shill. This is typical Chummie/Theos bad-mouthing something that they are scared about. Bad ethics is high on Chummie's list of attributes to observe and follow.

Also, IEEE Member, Brookville, Md is something that the shill can just enter into the location on this weird site.

You could enter it too, even though you are genuinely elsewhere.

As stated elsewhere, this is typical Chummie/Theos trying to stir up trouble between DryBuddy and Bedwettingstore. Their poor brainpower still has not realized that this just doesn't work, and their game has been thoroughly exposed.

Chummie/Theos continues to demonstrate their desperation. Wonder what new gimmick they may come up with, since this is about the only genuine strong point of this company or their product. Be gimmicky and be false.

Santa Clara, California, United States #614573
:( :grin :x :p :cry
Santa Clara, California, United States #613963

Gotcha! Ha Ha Ha!

Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #610313

Bedwetting Store and all associated parties state that we are in no way responsible for the above message and that we have not influenced it in any way, and refute and repudiate this message and any party or person who has stated or perpetuated the same. We also state that we have in no way influenced the posting of this message to raise sympathy for ourselves or malign any other competitor.

The above message is falsely posted to try and stir trouble between our company, a Maryland based business and others. Unfortunately, we and other companies providing bedwetting alarms, have discovered that this website has allowed many lies to be posted from imposters attempting to harm us and Enuresis Solutions.

- as anyone who can type is allowed to say they are anyone they want to be. This comment is posted by B Mercer, an executive of the Bedwetting Store.

San Jose, California, United States #608476

Why would anyone want to buy a DryBuddyEZ for $29.99? There are greater bedwetting alarms in the world.

So what if they cost more? So what if they have less features? I know of a $99 alarm that has sold more than any other alarm since the day it was introduced. Look at its reviews and compare to DryBuddyEZ.

And you think fake reviews are posted? Hah. If you really want to examine technology, innovation, and other features, they are ALL in . You can get the DryBuddyEZ.

I want a REAL thing. I'm trying my bets with Chummie Blue, the 99 bucks spent here is so worth it.

Brookeville, Maryland, United States #608361
Scoreboard increased to 4 reviews in 30 mins from Dry Buddy EZ.

Way to go :grin
Brookeville, Maryland, United States #608354

3 reviews in 30 minutes, all from different states.

Who is the worried shill here?


I don't think these nonsense writers even realize what junk they are writing in their criticism of DryBuddyEZ. Brain dead?

Or just ***?

I also agree with Gotcha!

This is great free advertising for DryBuddy. Go for it!

You've got it right, Webmonkey. This competitor from California must be sweating bullets, as he finds his product going the way of the dodo (waaay obsolete!!!).

DryBuddyEZ is going to knock their socks off!


Hey, DryBuddy. You should be thanking all of these rubbish writers for giving you so much free publicity!
Savannah, Georgia, United States #608325
Enuresis Solutions, LLC and all associated parties state that we are in no way responsible for the above message and that we have not influenced it in any way, and refute and repudiate this message and any party or person who has stated or perpetuated the same. We also state that we have in no way influenced the posting of this message to raise sympathy for ourselves or malign any other competitor. The original message is a fake message posted by a competitor who is attempting to bad-mouth us and try and stir trouble between DryBuddy and another party. Neither this poster not the person who supports this post have ever purchased the DryBuddyEZ, or have it in their possession.

This message is posted by K. Anklesaria, President, Enuresis Solutions, LLC.
Asheville, North Carolina, United States #608310

withbestregards, your a shill! According to your ipaddress, your not from Maryland but Cailfornia I bet your employees of some competitor of Drybuddy? So why don't you be honest and admit your running scared of competition.

to Webmonkey Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #631636


Please learn how to read everything on the post. From the persons username to the very end of the post.

If you look at all his post for that day, it states "from Brookville, Maryland". This can mean a few things. If he has a iPadaddress this is and iPad, and an iPad is portable so he/she may be from Claifornia but may be in Maryland on vacation, visiting family, or on business. The only way you can tell where the message was sent is from the server IP address.

Not The computer IP address, or MAC address. On the other hand I will agree with you that withbestregaurds he is a troll and is part of the competitor just trying to make the others look bad.

Brookeville, Maryland, United States #608290

I agree with you. I've had a similar experience with the Dry Buddy EZ. The alarm is unstable and unresponsive most of the time.

I'll try a Malem Bedwetting Alarm as well. Thanks for the advice.


to withbestregards Brookeville, Maryland, United States #608293

I meant ' DRY BUDDY EZ IS GARBAGE' sorry for the typo there.

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