This company is a sham. The operations and everything else is a sham.

They use fake agents to promote their product and tarnish the reputation of good companies that sell products to help consumers. The business is run out of a home in GA. These guys buy cheap products from China and package it. There are better American / European products there.

Wish I had done my homework. The product is also very unreliable.

They don't accept returns and charge you to talk to tech support.These guys should be reported and put out of business.Drybuddy sucks. Nothing is worse than drybuddy

Monetary Loss: $129.

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Taylor, Michigan, United States #651522

This is obviously false and SPAM, written by a scared competitor of DryBuddy. Business must be difficult for you to have written this nonsense. They don't even realize or care that a reader will realize that this is competitive propaganda. The competition must be really hurting to be spending so much time saying absurd things about DryBuddy.

My experience with DryBuddy, both the product and the company, are very good. This is an exceptional product with exceptional capabilities. It was so easy for both me and my son after using DryBuddy. MUCH better than the Malem that I first obtained. Good product, and prompt and excellent service.

I found www.bed-wettingalarms.com which gives a very detailed and factual information about all bedwetting alarms. It is obvious that DryBuddy is by far the best, and why competitors are throwing fits and abuse!

Santa Clara, California, United States #613965

Ha Ha Ha!


I really don't know which fictitious hat you are pulling your views out of. Sham? Don't accept returns? Charge you to talk to tech support? Sucks (is this indicative of your state of mind?)? You sound terribly biased. Is it because you are with the bedwettingstore.com? Sounds like it. And you are from around there. I can understand why you are jealous of DryBuddy, but I don't sympathize with your malicious bad-mouthing. Is this what you are trained to do? Is this your idea of good customer service? Well, shame on you, and your bosses at the bedwettingstore.com.

My experience with DryBuddy has been excellent. My discussions (note the plural) with their tech support were very successful and helped me tremendously with my child. And they did not charge me a penny, or keep me on hold. The product worked flawlessly, and my child and my entire family benefited from how convenient it was to use it. You may carry ten brands, but none are as convenient to use as DryBuddy. As for returns, my friend purchased a DryBuddy, and after not having used it for 3 weeks (her daughter's problem went away) decided to return it. No problem. Follow the straight-forward rules for returns and everything is smooth. And I notice that the bedwettingstore.com also does not accept used equipment for returns. So the only thing that I can discern about the bedwettingstore.com is that they are abusive and say whatever is convenient for them.

Shame on all of you! You are going to have to do much more than just go to Church every Sunday to get UP THERE!


Bedwettingstore.com has been trying to demean their competition for many years. Well, I'm glad that DryBuddy is willing to stand up to their bullying and lying. Now maybe we can actually have some competition. And specially so if the FTC will chew the Bedwettingstore's tail. Their owner and founder, B. Mercer has some serious problems with being ethical or competing fairly. I am in agreement with you HaHa... Sick the FTC on these badmouthing people. Meanwhile, I would certainly say "Shame on you, Bedwettingstore." You are unable to play clean!

I am posting this here so as to

1. Show my support for DryBuddy and displeasure with bedwettingstore.com, and

2. If I posted anything negative on a bedwettingstore.com forum, they would promtply get it erased as they cannot stand for anyone to say they are mean, unethical, and without any competitive class.


How can these bedwettingstore.com people continuously talk what is obviously nonsense? Do they have a bad mindset?

Or just a bad mind? Doing business with Just Home Medical and/or the bedwettingstore.com must be a mind-numbing and mind-dumbing experience!

HaHaHa HoHoHo

As suggested by others before, these shills of bedwettinstore.com and Just Home Medical just cannot stop lying. And they don't have the intelligence to know better or do better.

Lying to try and get rid of competition (anti-competition) is a Federal Crime. Bad ethics is just too ingrained in the bedwettingstore.com and Just Home Medical so that they cannot change, so suggesting that you are a good company is absurd. I pity you ethically deprived people. You need an FTC smack-down.

Go after them FTC!!!

I have a suggestion for you, DryBuddy. Since these presumed criminals are constantly harassing you and obviously lying, maybe you can ascribe any and all negative comments about you to Just Home Medical and bedwettingstore.com . This would probably be very reasonable until they agree to stop their harassment and play fair. And I would also recommend not believing anything they say.

They lie! Get everything in writing from them, with penalties for not keeping any such agreement.

Ninny Catcher

Another display of galloping absurdity, ignorance, and wacky duplicity from the ninnies at bedwettingstore.com and Just Home Medical. Giddyup!

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