My son did not stop wetting the bed after using the DryBuddy alarm. It was too complicated to set up and the battery life is only a few weeks (it is wireless).

What worried me is that the product states: "We do not take any responsibility arising from RADATION......" Wow. They state that the radiation is so high?

Anyway I tried to send it back, but no ine picks up the phone. Some crazy man yelled at me and hung up. It was Friday evening. Maybe someone was drinking. Very bad customer support.

I was unable to return it with my best efforts and then I hesitantly tried a Malem bedwetting alarm. It worked in 3 days.

Dry Buddy = 0

Malem =100

Dry buddy you suck!

Product or Service Mentioned: Drybuddy Bedwetting Alarm.

Monetary Loss: $129.

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Taylor, Michigan, United States #651516

A scared competitor of DryBuddy must have written this nonsense. They don't even realize or care that a reader will realize that this is competitive propaganda. The competition must be really hurting to be spending so much time saying absurd things about DryBuddy. "RADATION"? Nuts! You cannot even think straight, you are so afraid!

My experience with DryBuddy, both the product and the company, are very good. This is an exceptional product with exceptional capabilities. It was so easy for both me and my son after using DryBuddy. MUCH better than the Malem that I first obtained.

I found www.bed-wettingalarms.com which gives a very detailed and factual information about all bedwetting alarms. It is obvious that DryBuddy is by far the best, and why competitors are throwing fits and abuse!


If bedwettingstore.com and Just Home Medical talk and post such junk on a public internet site, I can only conclude that they must also be talking junk to their customers. Maybe that is why their customers are dropping off. The bad advice is killing them!

Nemesis of Liars

I can not believe that you lackeys for the bedwettingstore.com and Just Home Medical are so naive and stereotyped that you have totally lost track of your constant false statements. Did the Boss order you to keep on lying?

Are you the Boss, and don't know the difference between fact and bad fiction? Has your life become so bad that you have exceeded being desperate? You actually sound like you have lost your senses, and have become mentally unstable. You people are worse than weird!

Megan Johnson has it so right when she calls you despicable and disgusting! Now you have my attention too!


Where on the DryBuddy website does it discuss radiation? NO WHERE.

It really is despicable and disgusting that a company like yours would degrade themselves to such levels just to attempt to persuade people to actually BELIEVE such garbage.

I would never do business with you people. JUST on this alone, it shows your true character (or lack of character).

DryBuddy has worked amazingly well with my son and their staff was so polite and don't deserve the rubbish you try to pull. Shame on you.

Ninny Catcher

Another display of galloping absurdity, ignorance, and wacky duplicity from the ninnies at bedwettingstore.com and Just Home Medical. Giddyup!

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